Satin pajamas for women with style

//Satin pajamas for women with style

Satin pajamas for women with style

Handmade satin pajamas are here!

How we do it? With pure love and devotion! But, let’s go back to start and tell you our story and how it all began.

Hi, I’m Tanja. Owner, CEO, creative mind behind it all, blog writter, photographer, makeup artist. I do pretty much everything for Sierra Tango. And I love it, every single thing because it inspires me to become better every day. But, before all of this I was a flight attendant. Pretty cool, right? First started in Abu Dhabi then in Serbian national airline. As you probably know, stewardesses fly a lot 🙂 So did I. Many countries, many cities and many people that came a long the journey.

How did I deceide to make pajamas?

But, that job is not easy at all. At all. You feel lonely most of the time and it’s a hard work, physically.  And when you feel that way, you want to indulge yourself in order to feel better. My favorite things to do were taking long baths, watching movies in bed in my favorite pajamas and to sleep. Sounds boring, but when you’re exausted after a long flight, trust me, that is what your body needs. I always had a thing for pajamas, robes, etc , especially when Im staying in hotels. That was my ritual and I always wanted to design them and  be my own boss. Im still struggling, let’s be honest. So much work, but still trying to do all by myself in order to save money and invest. I can tell you, it is NOT easy. But, Im going there. It takes time, remember that.

We want you to trust us!

That is why I believe in you guys. I believe that you will recognize my effort, hard work that I put in this brand. Sierra Tango is 100% me. My vision, ideas, marketing, photography.. It’s all handmade. Imagine the hours that we spend making them just for you, so that you will be able to enjoy just as much as we do. Every stich is made with devotion, passion and of course- love.

So, Im not going to tell you to buy. I dont really like persuasion. I believe in quality, determination, stability and all Im asking is to believe in us and support us. That is all. Your desire to wear Sierra Tango will come naturally. And I aspire to that.

Until next blog.

With love,


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