How to wear a slip dress?

SHE is back and she is here to stay!

As you probably know, this famous dress dates from the 90’s. It was super popular and all celebrities had to have it. From Jennifer Aniston to Kate Moss. She was seen on the red carpet, on the streets, at the restaurants and clubs.

But suddenly, from being so popular it went under radar for years and years, up until last year when she came back in big style! Yes, this dress is a ‘she’.

So, what does this dress has that makes girls go crazy about her?

I think the key is in simplicity. Spagetti straps, comfortable fit and diversity to mix it with everything. She gives you the freedom, confidence and creativity. What more can a girl ask for?

Kate Moss in a slip dress

Nowadays, slip dresses are a bit more comfortable and more relaxed per se. And what is great about it- you can mix them with pretty much ANYTHING! Sneackers, high heels, leather jacket, a blazer- name it. It’s all about finding your personal signature look and style. Here are some examples how to wear YOUR slip dress.

And on top of that, add some cool jewelry, sunglasses and you are good to go anywhere! Parties, birthdays, casual lunch or a dinner, a walk. It is up to you!

So, go get your slip dress and hit the town!

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