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Mesec februar je u znaku ljubavi I s toga, kako biste obradovali svoje najvoljenije, dajemo 20% na sve asortimane. Akcija ce trajati do 01.02.2019. Pozurite sa porucivanjem jer su svi nasi proizvodi rucno siveni i potrebno je par dana kako bi se sasilo specijalno za VAS! S ljubavlju, Sierra Tango February is the month of love And that is why you should give your loved ones the perfect gift. We are offering 20% on all of our products. The promotion will end on 1st of February . Make sure to order now because all of our products are handmade and
Stjuardesa. Stevka. Psiholog. Psihijatar. Medicinska sestra. Konobarica. Super-zena. Uvek kada bi me neko pitao cime se bavim, dobila bih odusevljenje na odgovor . ‘Stjuardesa? Vau! Ti sigurno vidis ceo svet!’ Ne bih da razbijam niciji baloncic, ali neka ostane na tome da vidimo jako puno sveta, jer cemu onda poenta ovog posla ? Od dragih stjuardesa JAT-a uvek cujemo da su one letele u ‘zlatno doba’ avijacije  pa onda zakljucak izvucite sami kakvo je letenje danas . Ne zelim da pisem puno o negativnom jer ima dosta I losih stvari koje su deo ovog posla I znam da ce puno
Dublin. Even before I was a flight attendant, Dublin has always been on my bucket list. It looked so beautiful on the pictures, in the movies and I couldn’t stop dreaming about it. What Ie really liked about Ireland in general where the people. Everybody told me they are very similar to us by temperament and in general. I needed to see that myself and make sure it is true. Then, after I became a stewardess, Dublin was on my wishlist. Month after month, I wasn’t getting it on my roster (monthly schedule). It was always Asia, but almost never
Fashion vs. style That is a very interesting question, especially nowadays. Fashion is very straightforward, and it’s point is to leave you speechless. Many will say that style is different than fashion and I must agree with that. Fashion is like a trend, it comes and goes and style will last forever but there is no need for me to talk about that, Im sure you already knew that. Where can I wear my pajama? I would love to talk more about pajamas. I think its a style. Its your identity. If you wore pajama once, you will forever wear them
Handmade satin pajamas are here! How we do it? With pure love and devotion! But, let’s go back to start and tell you our story and how it all began. Hi, I’m Tanja. Owner, CEO, creative mind behind it all, blog writter, photographer, makeup artist. I do pretty much everything for Sierra Tango. And I love it, every single thing because it inspires me to become better every day. But, before all of this I was a flight attendant. Pretty cool, right? First started in Abu Dhabi then in Serbian national airline. As you probably know, stewardesses fly a lot