Tanja Stojic is born in 1987. and her love for fashion and aesthetics was in her since early age. From sewing dresses for her favorite dolls to her own fashion brand. But, before all that, her life was pretty interesting. She lived in New York City and was also a flight attendant which led her to many world destinations. She saw many countries, cities, people and-fashion.
Being away from home, she needed something to feel better and happier when she stayed in hotels after long flights. It was sleepwear, baths and all sleeping rituals that would made her feel better. She knew then that nightwear would be her niche. When she finished flying, after so much time, she finally began what she always wanted.
Sierra Tango brand was finally alive. And it’s interesting how she came up with the name. It’s actually her name initials, because phonetic alphabet is used in aviation.

Stojic Tanja – Sierra Tango